It goes Again :-(

Maybe God love me so much because he blessed me with a very strong spirit and endurance to cope up with too much emotional stress and agony in life, it seemed God wanted me to carry the weight of the world around my shoulder to prepare myself for better challenges in the future. But despite  this unmistakable strength supposed I am having now, I started feeling exhausted, my strength started giving endurance seemed faltering. How long could I endure the pretension that everything is okay despite being openly humiliated?

I already travelled this road before and I don't think I can endure a repeat performance. Maybe it's time for me to detach and keep a good distance, oh God how many times I said this?? It's simply tiring, putting too much effort to make everything nice and pleasing in the environment when you are being treated unworthy.


Tired thinking how to maneuver my life without passing the road of agony, I tried mollifying myself by surfing the net to eradicate stress, then I read these very self-provoking signs of "he is not into you" from three different sources. You know when you are endlessly asking how to gauge something, well the following signs will help you understand the bold truth behind those mysterious, seemed-like-incomprehensible gesture.

He is not into you if:

1. He is thoughtful in private but distant in public - When a man is so sweet and seems thoughtful in private, according to one counselling expert from Art of Charm, but very distant when you are in public, that's a big red flag reminding you that he has no interest or whatsoever with you.

2. He is not asking you to go out - if a man is excited or attracted in a woman he cannot stop himself from seeing her and want to take the situation further. If he is not making a move, it's not that he is scared, it's simply that you are not his type. Well, the message is obvious, isn't it?

3. He is not calling you - The line that "I am just so busy these days" is simply rubbish! The truth is, he is simply not interested in you. A man who is head-over-heels in love with a woman is constantly thinking how he would reach her, how he would contact and see her. If all lines died down, then it is simply signs that he is not interested in you.Period.

4. He disrespects you - This is pretty given. Because a man who genuinely loves a girl has a great deal of respect on her. But if he keeps on ignoring you, putting down your values, preferences and simply won't listen to your views and opinions and would never consider your inputs, then it is an obvious signal of disinterest. So please move on.

5. He prefers other people/friends to go out than inviting you - Did he forget to invite you? or simply he did not want you to be there. If a man always look for an excuse of not bringing you out then you will found out later that he treated his friends to a lunch or dinner. Then that's the obvious sign. What else?

6. He keeps ignoring your request - As simple as that. You are endlessly requesting a favour or something but just fell on deaf ears. But then very prompt on other people's request.

7. He takes forever to respond on your call or text - A simple "how are you" that goes ignored for hours means you may not be high on his priority list, especially if he has a track record of replying instantly.

8. He never introduce you to his friends, parents, siblings or cousins - A man who is eager to be your partner in life is enthusiastic to introduce you to his family and friends but if he always find an excuse to keep you from introducing to his closest circle, then a sad reality speaks that he is not into you.

9. He shows no interest at all - If in the middle of the conversation he simply vanish, or if you blob too much and all you got from him is a dreadful "okay" response then maybe it is time to break the conversation and look for other stuff that can amuse you because you are simply not interesting in his eyes.

10. He avoids the "getting-to-know-you" conversations - A man who is interested in you will find ways to know you better but if he cut you in the middle when you begin talking about your personal life or sharing life's plans, then move on with your life, he is not obviously interested in you.

11. He gives so many excuses - Even using the death of his cat just to ensure he is not available when you need him. And so many other excuses just to avoid your presence and conversation.

These are obvious signs that he is not into you, sometimes we kept on ignoring these signs because we are too engrossed with our own belief that someday a miracle will happen. If a man will say, you are nothing but just a friend, believed him because that concept will never change. It will take a deadly virus first to hit his brain before he will change his mind and heart. (from Helium articles)

...Well, the sad truth is that there are really things in life that are not meant to be. Let's just accept it no matter how painful.

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