A Great Escape

Dreaming Europe! ^______^

With the never-ending case assignments in the graduate school and boring life in the office, I am contemplating to escape temporarily to a far away place. I'm feeling exhausted and worn-out that dreaming to be in a quiet, magnificent and tranquil surrounding seems to be a perfect idea to remove the clutters in my mind.

I struggled hard to make my day in the office lively and vibrant to save what is left for my energy but towards the end of the day, weariness was all over my system, so tired that my stomach grumbled terribly at midnight. I did not eat much for the past weeks, my appetite seemed shut and my thoughts flown somewhere.

So many worries, concern and disappointments lodged inside my brain. Worries about what's coming-ahead, fear of acquiring dreaded disease and certain frustrations felt like blaring machines deep inside. So to avoid burying myself deeper into emptiness, I made an effort to dream wonderful things beyond definition----going to some of my favourite places in the world!

Tuscany in Italy, St. Kilda and Isle of Skye in Scotland, Cornwall and Grasmere in England, Klosters in Switzerland, Santorini in Greece, French Polynesia in the South Pacific and Mustique in the West Indies are just some of the most terrific places in the world I would love to visit to relax.

Hmmm maybe I am greatly bored because I felt so sleepy every now and then, but couldn't sleep when I am at home...I want to eat something but couldn't figure exactly what food to devour, want to cry but no tears to shed, maybe my eyelid runs dry, or maybe there's no more reasons to cry. So I just dreamed big things in life, because it feels like I am protected, dreaming big things is just a soothing ritual, a great escape...

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