The Smart Quiz

Just received the three copies of my published book online today and quite amused with its size and appearance..very glossy!The paper used in the printing is not newsprint but a thick super white bond paper American style.hehehe!

But I'm having a mixed feeling right now, I don't know what it is but it felt like I want to hide it from others and don't want anybody to read it! Not that all the contents inside are messy or have so many typographical errors but the feeling is just so strange.

For two hours I didn't open the book, I just stared its glossy cover and read the premise and rolled my eyes in the ceiling, hmmm....I don't know but I am quite apprehensive with the criticism I will be receiving from the people who will read it. But this is a wonderful book and I am very proud of it, when I started researching topics for this book I had in mind to make it more like a reference book so I prepared each answer with complete explanation and descriptions.

This is a Smart Quiz book, topics are divided into nine categories, each category has 20 questions to give the readers enough time to enjoy answering the questions. This book provides not only knowledge and additional learning but fun and entertainment. ORDER THIS BOOK now!

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