So Proud Maternity & Baby Shop!

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Are you looking for a shop that sells trendy and gorgeous baby and maternity items at affordable prices?

Your worry is finally over...

So Proud Maternity & Baby Shop, a fresh and excellent alternative outlet to the outmoded fashion stalls in the department stores, offers wide varieties of fashionable apparels from baby clothing and accessories to maternity dresses and fabulous wardrobe for ladies.

Be proud for your kids and be proud you are a woman, come and visit the store which epitomizes fashion and glamour! So Proud Maternity & Baby Shop wants ladies, mothers and babies to look at their best at an affordable and friendly prices.
Cute baby dress. Vintage 02 (P380) for 3/ 6 months

Top & Leggings set P3859/12 months old
Blueberi Bees & Flowers P485 3T

Blue Beri Checkered Lavender Dress P48518m
A very cute Carter's Trim Dress
Brandy White and Aqua Cherry Dress

So Proud Maternity + Baby Shop at NCC mall, Davao City 

The store is a joint venture of Engr. Roumel Faustino, Bels Faustino and sister Mae Balaga and located at the second level of NCCC mall, Davao City. They are accepting on-line pre-orders and reservations. The above items are just samples, you can find more amazing and fantastic clothing items at their shop. Visit the shop now!Or send me a message to get the contact number of Bels. Visit my LIFESTYLE blog for women apparels' images.


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