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Social networking sites attract millions of users around the world because of its cool style of connecting people. Facebook figuratively demolished its top competitors (myspace, multiply, friendster), and proved how magical the world of technology is. But FB's reign is now being threatened by with its newest project called google+.

Well, personally, I find google+ very refreshing, exciting and more fun.

Facebook is so crowded and beginning to sound like a repository site of bawdy stuff. With its wall that cannot be customized, applications and looters that regularly appeared, several prima donnas, comments that cannot be edited unless deleted and reposted, petty squabbles, arguments from other users, and the controversy it generated from its unsafe privacy setting, I increasingly became disillusioned with FB, so when a friend suggested to explore this new social networking site launched by google, I immediately "packed" my things and head off to a "far away land" up to the world of google plus.

I've adsense and several blogs at blogger, I frequently visited Adwords, I used google as a search engine, so I thought---it's better to be under their turf when it comes to social networking site. Aside from being the third most admired company in the world according to Fortune magazine, google so far has no trouble with privacy issues.

So how this google + works?

This  SNW allows you to create "Circles" meaning you will be able to select and organize friends in your list into a group called "Circle", the good thing is, this circle when created will appear on the profile and you will have the freedom to regroup them or delete. 

Google plus has no "outside" application developers so there are no annoying applications, games and other bothersome features inviting users to join and lure to divulge some details of each user's private account. You can create photo albums, can chat on-line friends and hang out in live video conferences, there's a section called "Sparks" where you can read valuable news from your favourite field of interest(s) (Royalty, Health and Wellness, Sports, History, Gardening, etc). You can edit wall posts and comments too instead of reposting it (in the event that you mistakenly put blatant words or failed to mention something or there's grammatical error that need to be rectified), the comment posting in each photo is in a conversation or dialogue mode and the background can be customized.

What I love about this new networking site is the wall posting. I can customized my wall posts (messages, videos, photos and links) by making it appear or visible only to whoever I choose from my circles. Cool!

But despite of switching loyalty, Mark Zuckerberg is still one of my favourites, his frugality is legendary and he is often compared to another favourite, Warren Buffet. His remarkable invention changed the world of social networking sites, there's no question about it, in fact, Facebook is really a trend-setter. 

Well, well, back to Google plus... 

This new social networking site powered by google is worth trying. Get a gmail account now and join the fun! There are more things to learn and discover when you start joining Google plus.

Explore google plus now by clicking HERE

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