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Athena milk has been in the market for quite sometime now but it is only lately that this product had changed its packaging and improved its taste and nutritional value! 

And now this milk provides more health benefits to women, in fact this is the most perfect milk for women because of its balanced contents of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins necessary for healthy and glowing skin and bone-building requirements.

I'd tried the two varieties of Athena already, the creamy milk and chocolate flavours, and based on my taste preferences, I would prefer the creamy milk flavour because it is tastier than the chocolate flavour, even if I have to put four spoons in one glass of hot water, it still tastes better compared to 6 spoons of chocolate.

But when it comes to nutritional value, the two varieties differ. In milky flavour, folate, zinc, energy and carbohydrates are lower than those composition in the chocolate flavours, but nothing differs on the contents of Calcium, Phosporus Vitamins A, E and D.

Athena provides enough Calcium, a necessary mineral for stronger bones, no difference with those existing milk brands in the market with high calcium content. What I love about Athena is its nice effect to my skin, well, maybe because of its vitamin contents which aimed to give the skin a radiant and glowing effect.

Well, this is just my own opinion, I find the milk flavour as tastier and better than the chocolate flavour, the latter seems has this strange taste and the satisfaction is not really guaranteed but with the milk flavour pack, everything is just good and tasty. I also have a good sleep after drinking one glass of Athena before going to bed at night, it also prevents constipation.

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kitty blue said…
yes.. also for me I like the milk flavor compare to the chocolate... athena is best especially.. in woman who always on the go. =) stay beautful ladies ...
Mabelle Salas said…
I started drinking Athena, and I love it, i never tried the chocolate flavor :D