Nosy Parker

Have you encountered a nosy parker? How do you react with it?

The most dignified way to do with nosy parkers and feckless blokes is to ignore them and stop going down to their level, and, just like what the late Princess Grace Kelly’s advised to Diana, Princess of Wales, “Treat it like a weather…it will get worst anyway”.

The trouble with life is that we are constantly surrounded with people who lack common sense and better judgment, who have a short supply of “reasoning” ability, who are pathetic to dwell on vague matters without scrutinizing the whole stuff if its substantiate the indignation.

These nuts with blinkered knowledge triggered them to act irrationally without dealing the issue responsibly. 

Hey! Don’t be too cranky, it will make you appear more like a desperate idiot rather than an honorable person. Are you sure you are listening with the right ears? Do not throw stones with mud if you are unsure where the mud came from, it will come back to you and haunt you later. If you don't want to be talked about then do not make your life public, keep it to yourself so that people would not talk behind your back, you are the one who dishes people with gossip by splashing every detail of it in a social networking site you what do you expect, people will praise you? The moment you decide to make every detail of your life public, you must endure the consequences.

Do not wash your dirty linen in public. If you are not prepared to become the subject of gossip around then retain some mystery in your life by keeping your personal history private. Maybe you are unaware of the skeleton you suddenly let go from your closet and now it is haunting you.  

Only Monkeys take things disproportionately. Stop creating fuss, it will just show how limited your knowledge and how futile your judgment ability is.  Civilized people do things sparingly and never waggled on unfounded stuff only ill-bred folks entertained.

Oh well, I am not interested with the garbage bin much more with the content inside.

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