Don Beppe!

Penne Arabiatta

Don Beppe, located along Bonifacio Street (in front of Anclar hotel not far from UIC), serves fine Italian foods! Hmmm I could still feel the sweet aroma of puttanisca and other concoctions wafting in the air.  A simple place with a very comfortable interior, its setting echoes some European touches. The place is styled like a fine dining set-up -- cutlery and table arrangement -- well except for its limited space, other elements I am looking for in a quiet restaurant are there -- pasta, service, comfort, excellent accommodation.

The service is great, I should say. When I and my two friends dined one evening there, the owner personally welcomed us and asked if we like the food, he also offered us free Iced Tea! The place has a very quiet environment, it feels like we dined in a restaurant far from the hustle and bustle of the city life where in fact it is actually located in the heart of metro Davao. 
 devouring penne and puttanisca with Kathy
...and Sashing (Don Beppe's owner in the background)

Don Beppe's pasta concoctions drew from authentic Italian recipes which taste better than other pasta I tasted in town, I mean there's something in each recipe that I want to eat more, maybe because of olive oil or some ingredients. The foods are not really expensive if you come as a group because each serving is good for four people.

For people who are not used to European dishes, Don Beppe's pasta might appear strange or tasteless, but for those who want to try some authentic Italian foods, this is the best place for you to visit. This is one great resto in Davao worth trying, it has warmth and comfort plus the Italian foods are fantastic.

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