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New House

Finally Mark Zuckerberg, the 27 year-old founder of Facebook (who just celebrated his birthday  yesterday, May 14), got a new house. Until recently, Zuckerberg lived (since moving Facebook from Harvard to Palo Alto in 2004) in a two-storey rented house along Palo Alto, California and did not bother to build one despite his enormous wealth. Finally last May 6, Forbes magazine published a report that the Facebook CEO recently acquired a permanent abode, about 5,000 square feet, worth $7 million, this may sound very expensive to other people but for Zuckerberg with a massive fortune to his name, this is just a very modest value.

According to Forbes magazine, Zuckerberg's bedroom includes a bathroom with twin Carrara marble topped vanities, separate soaking tub, shower and heated floors. The house itself has five bedrooms, five bath tubs, saltwater pool and music alcove.
Zuckerberg's simple and modest house valued at $7 million. Photo taken from Forbes magazine
His private bathroom. Photo from Forbes magazine
The Kitchen area with a computer work station. Photo from Forbes

So what's fascinating with acquiring a new home? Perhaps, more billionaires acquired new mansions in other parts of the globe but why such a buzz on Zuckeberg's new house. Forbes magazine explained that there's a huge interest in Zuckerberg's private life, as one of the youngest billionaires in the world today (he is currently 45th richest person in Forbes's list with an estimated $13.5 billion net worth asset) it is no surprise that people took interest and curious as to how he spend his money.
 Mark Zuckerberg

What is exciting about this billionaire is his legendary frugality (just like another billionaire, Warren Buffet), he continued to live below his means while amassing wealth from his social networking site business. Compared to his fellow billionaires and technology aficionados, Mark Zuckerberg's house is so plain and simple and yes, cheap. But the man is determined to live in simplicity and never mind what other people will speculate. Currently, Zuckerberg is single but he has a girlfriend named Priscilla Chan, a Chinese medical student at Harvard.


For the past 25 years of their marriage, it seems Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver portrayed a happy and contented couple with no traces of problems or whatsoever. But last May 9, 2011, the once-admired couple shocked the world when they announced their legal separation. 
The couple during happier days

Schwarzenegger, 63, a former Governor of California has been accused of adultery, he later confirmed the rumor that he had a child with one of his long-time serving household staff, which probably incensed his wife. Maria Shriver, 55, is the daughter of the late Eunice Kennedy and her husband-politician, Sargent Shriver. Maria's mother, who died in 2009, was the youngest sister of President John F. Kennedy. She had worked as NBC news anchor but tendered her resignation in 2004 when her husband won as Governor of California in 2003, she is also a best-selling author. The couple have four children together.

Steve Jobs

What is the latest update on the health of Apple's big boss?Since February this year, Apple Incorporated never release an official statement on the real score of Jobs's health and everybody is wondering if he is okay or not. In February 2011, an article from the Daily Mail Online revealed that the 55-year-old innovator and computer genius showed sign of "slowing down" on his health and looked very pale, haggard and almost skeletal. But the Apple executives maintained Jobs is still can be seen at the company's headquarter and  closely monitoring the development of iPad and iPhone new versions.
Steve Jobs's health gradually deteriorated and he looked more like a skeleton wearing his signature outfit (a sweatshirt and jeans)in this photo from the Associated Press via Daily Mail Online. RBC Capital Market Analysts Mike Abramsky said "Steve Jobs's is Apple's greatest asset and greatest risk if his condition failed to improve"

But many newspaper claimed that the man behind the iPhone, iPad and iPod innovations, is gravely sick, deeply stricken with pancreatic cancer and may not live longer than one year, this sent alarm to investors who hate bleak prognosis and uncertainties. They knew too well that Apple's soaring success largely attributed to Jobs's brilliant ideas, without him it is difficult to predict what will happen along the way.

Everybody admits, even Apple's top executives, that Steve Jobs is the life of Apple technology and without him Apple products might not be too magical. The company just released iPad 3 but what will happen to the company's reputation and products' superiority without Steve Jobs? Let's just hope for a positive outcome and may his condition improve. Everything is possible with prayers.

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