A war pilot Prince

Oh no Prince Harry!

Lately, the third-in-line to the British throne is expressing his interest to serve in the war zone. He is currently undergoing an Apache helicopter training course, which would qualify him to become a war pilot if needs arise.

Last week British Prime Minister, David Cameron, made a go signal to send attack helicopters to Libya to join US forces  and Prince Harry, as a Captain in the British Army Air Corps, is expressing interest to join his comrades. But so far no order from his superiors has made. The Prince has at least one war participation credit to his name. In early 2008 he was secretly serving as Tank commander in the war-stricken area of Afghanistan making him the second royal family member after Prince Andrew to fight under enemy's fire. It was a top secret made and carefully monitored by his superiors in order to protect him from being the target of the Taliban, but it was leaked to the international media which made headlines, his superiors, afraid for Harry's safety, were forced to release him from the field and was ordered to return home.

His grandmother, the Queen, as the ruling British sovereign, is the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Armed Forces and as someone who is closer to the throne, Harry's safety is the top priority of the British military commanders. Harry was reportedly heartbroken but still hoping one day he could serve as a war pilot in a real war zone. Now he is very open to the idea of going to Libya.

But what if he will be allowed? Can he repeat the heroism of his uncle Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, when he commanded a helicopter to the war zone during the Falkland Wars in early 80's?

Haaay!Do not go there Prince Harry, just leave it to your brother who is a search-and-rescue operation pilot. Let him go there. What do you think?Please free to post your comments here.

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