The Smart Quiz

This is a unique quiz book for all ages!

What makes this book different from other available quiz books in the market is the platform itself.

When I started writing the format of this book some years back (two years exactly), I was thinking of making it more like a reference book. So I carefully selected each category based on its relevance and usefulness to proper learning. I always thought that people would be more satisfied if they will be presented a clear answer key.

The answer to each question is accompanied with detailed explanation and vivid description which, hopefully, can provide additional knowledge/learning  to the readers. I was attempting an ambitious purpose of treating this quiz book more like a reference material  so I made sure the presentation of the answers will be explained in details.

This book is divided into nine interesting categories:

Beauty and Fashion
         Twenty questions about some fashion icons, controversies on beauty pageants, celebrities and
         glamorous personalities. You will know here who was the fashion icon dubbed by Coco Chanel as "the master  
         of  us all" and the Miss Universe winner dismissively called by Donald Trump (American billionaire and owner of Miss Universe organization since 1996) as an "eating machine"

Famous Wars
         Here, the questions vary from the Hundred Years of War, War of the Roses, World War I and II and
         the Thirty Years war. When was the famous defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte occurred? The
         war which made Florence Nightingale an international icon and the last soldier to be killed during
         World War I just one minute before the ceasefire was announced and why he was killed.
European Queen Consorts
        Instead of preparing the questions in a traditional ask-it format, I prepared each question
        in a first-person form so that the readers could feel like they are directly talking to the Queen Consort.
        For example "I am the eldest daughter of a Greek monarch, I married a Spanish Prince who was 
        not born to be a King, but when the monarchy restored, his father unexpectedly gave way in
        favour of him making me a Queen Consort in 1975, who am I?"

General Information
        This category features different topics from disease, food, US Presidents, politicians, world billionaires  
        and many more. Here, you will know the reason why US potential presidentiable, Edward Kennedy,
        youngest brother of President John F. Kennedy, was embroiled in a scandal that ruined his reputation.
        And the French specialty "Beurre Blanc".

Geography and Landmarks
        This is one of the most exciting sections of this book because I prepared the questions in a tour-guide
        format, as if you are taking or participating in an actual world tour, like this one "We then take a scenic drive to a  German speaking town of Switzerland, here we have a chance to visit the Lion Monument and Chapel Bridge along its beautiful lake, then shop for watches and chocolates before taking a cable car to go to Mount Pilatus for a spectacular Alpine view. Which Swiss city is this?

        Famous poets, classic books, movie quotes and personal stories of famous writers are included here.
        You will find here the book of Jane Austen which seemed like a duplicate of her real life. And the story
        of Dracula, was he real or simply a fiction?

       Important informations on monarchy around the world plus a controversy on Cleopatra's marriages. The
       King who united Spain, and the only monarch in the world which also served as his country's Prime

       Trivia on some important chapters in the Holy Bible, the Catholic faith and other Christian
       denominations, Hinduism and Islam and the full official titles of the Roman Pontiff.

Science and Technology
       This section talks about the private lives of some famous scientists, discoveries and inventions and the
       controversial excommunication and house arrest of Galileo Galili. The former job of Albert Einstein and
       why Michael Faraday was not knighted by a British monarch.

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