So Sweet and Romantic!

Pink Tulips!
Pink brightens my day, even how terrible the events of the day is, if I see Pink it erases all the pressure and tension I felt, it makes everything perfect, the environment seems young and glowing again. So inspiring! Among the flowers of nature I see, it's pink Tulips that allure me. When I saw the bed of spring Tulips at Alnwick Garden's site, my eyes gleamed with gladness. So sweet and tender to emotion.
Pink Tulips evoke happiness and youthfulness, very relaxing and soothing. Like a soft breeze of the morning air and the gentle hush of the quiet night that lulls you to sleep. I always love Pink Tulips!

Aerial view of Maldives. Image from

Dreaming to travel to Maldives..hahaha!What a spectacular place to spend a relaxing vacation. If there's one Asian country I would love to visit, it's definitely Maldives, with its ivory and sweet-sugary beach, sparkling blue and turquoise water, tropical surroundings, palm trees and incredible resorts and spa, nothing beats Maldives for a wonderful, romantic and memorable holiday getaway!haaaaaay.....honeymooners listen, Maldives is a perfect honeymoon destination...
A picturesque secluded paradise in Asia.The Banyan Tree resort, North Male' Atoll. Perfect romantic honeymoon getaway. Image from

Maldives is one of the smallest nations in the world (only 90,000 square kilometers) located near India and Sri Lanka facing the Indian Ocean, but it is a home to 1,190 breathtaking islands formed in many natural Atolls and surrounded with a romantic cobalt crystal sea, powdery white sand, captivating lagoons and turquoise reefs, ideal for snorkeling and diving adventures. A secluded island with more or less 300,000 inhabitants, Maldives guarantees privacy and excitement to all travellers. The nation's main religion is Islam and the capital is Male'.

My favourite Maldivian resort is Constance Moofushi Resort in the South Atholl but the nightly rate is horrifying, around P50,000 per night!nyakkk is this real???hahahaha..Okay, why not take a lesser option like The Banyan Tree resort (picture above) it is still an incredible, breathtaking resort but God! the nightly rate is P39,000 per night!haaaay anyway it's just my illusion to travel to Maldives hahaha...Unlike other neighbouring Asian countries, Maldives requires an immigration visa toink!So maybe I will be contented dreaming Hongkong instead hahaha...

Visitors may catch a flight from any of these international flights to Male':

Name of airlines    Point of departure
Bangkok Airways   (Bangkok, Thailand)
British Airways        (London-Gatwick)
China Southern       (Guangzhou, China)
Emirates                  (Dubai, UAE)
Malaysia Airlines     (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Oman Air                (Muscat, Oman)
Qatar Airways        (Doha, Qatar)
Singapore Airlines   (Singapore)
Sri Lankan              (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

For more information/requirements how to get there, visit HERE for budget calculation and how much you will spend per night, visit tripadvisor HERE

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