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After reading Bianca Gonzales' blog today about "bloggers keep blogging do not get tamad (lazy) posting!"hahaha, I immediately got an idea what to post here today.

For the past weeks I was overtly anxious and sulky with reasons I couldn't understand. So maybe I need to take a different route, a new "diversion", a new focus, to avoid being morose and somber. I wanted to disconnect myself temporarily from the things that could trigger annoyance and maybe put behind the disappointment I felt towards something.

While waiting for the net connection to pick its speed, I leisurely write stuff in my little notebook. I am fond of scribbling useless things in my notebook when boredom hits me so today is just like other boring days.

And my list varies from "things/songs that remind me towards something or someone" to "things I detested and dreamed to own" to "foods lots of foods!" to "visiting the great places in the world before I go to my Father's Kingdom"...hehehe!

Things/Songs that remind me towards something or someone:

Scent of a grass  - My happy childhood in the farm
Jingle bell rock  (Christmas song)  - My beautiful dark yellow dress that my mother gave during Christmas 1985.
Hark the Herald  (Christmas song) - My grade one Christmas party
Christmas Alphabet (Christmas song) - Our two-storey house in the farm surrounded with rice fields and lots of coconut and fruit trees.
Auld Lang Syne (New Year song) - "The Cutting Edge" movie
Scapular (religious ornament) - My paternal grandmother who died in 2005 at the age of 98. She wore scapular all through out her life and admonished me to wear it often though right now I didn't have any. :-(
Chirping of the birds - The farm surroundings, the river, greenery and the quiet life in the countryside.
Sunrise - My maternal grandparents' old home where I used to spend summer, one hour drive from Marihatag. Their home is directly facing the Pacific Ocean.


While the list of memories are so endless, the list of my favorite foods is just very short.

Creamy Carbonara
This is my all time favorite and I always crave this food every now and then. I can live with only carbonara in my side.

Brazo de mercedes
One of my favorite desserts because it will just slide in my tongue and no further chewing effort is required.hehe.Besides, it is only made of white eggs and some creamy creamy stuff so it is so yummy and super delicious. Uhmmmmm!

Blueberry Cheesecake
 Like Brazo, this oh-so-yummy dessert is another favorite because of its super tender texture and creamy taste. It is so mouthwatering!Haaay I can eat up to 5 slices of blueberry cake in just one blink.haha!

Blue Cheese Chicken Salad

Vegetables concoction with chicken and blue cheese dressing. Looks tastier than Caesar salad. I want to prepare it by myself but the blue cheese chicken salad is soooooooo expensive. hehehe

I want to eat all of the above right now hahaha!And I want to eat them with GREEN TEA. I hate softdrinks and fruit juice is not my idea of a beverage when devouring pasta or creamy dessert.

Things I detested

I detested.....Ferreti brand because the quality of their products is so bad. I've three Ferreti sandals which never lasted beyond five months, I don't know if the trouble is in my feet or the material is so cheap but I never had any good experience with this brand. I favored Rusty Lopez brand more, it's really long lasting, I've two Rusty Lopez shoes that lasted three years.

I detested.....the expressions "fuck" and "estoryahe" yucks!!!so highly improper and lack social etiquette. Every time I hear these ghastly things I wanted to vomit in disgust. I'll make sure my future children would never hear any of these bad expressions.

I detested.....Bars and anything that goes with night cannot pull me right away to take a trip to any bar or disco houses, it's down right nasty. But there were two occasions that I was compelled to go to a karaoke bar because my friends, whom I spent dinner with, to sing at the wee hours..haaaay!While inside, my mind flown somewhere up to my bedroom.haha!

I detested.....liquors, pork, chocolates and softdrinks...all bad.....bring no good to the body, in my opinion.

I dreamed to own....
a Burberry bag or wallet....but I cannot afford because it is too expensive..hehehe!Burberry is a British brand and hold a Royal Warrant in shoes for the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales. 

Above photo: Vacheron Constantin Asymmetrique Ladies Watch 25510000R.9121 Movement: Swiss Quartz, Crystal: Anti reflective Sapphire, Clasp: Pink, Bezel: 18k Rose Gold set With Pavee Diamonds, Size: Ladies, Case Diameter: 18k Rose Gold Buckle, Dial Color: Silver, Water Resistant: 50 meters. Price $260.00 toink!

Vacheron Constantin watch! But but I am not dreaming to buy an original VC just a replica like the above photo. A replica is classified as AAA quality more like an imitation but still it is very expensive. The prices of original units of VC range from millions to billions (in pesos) so forget about it, a replica is still elegant and fabulous.

Chanel earrings with double C elegant and classy!I always dreamed to have Chanel in my position hehe..the double C logo collection of the House of Chanel is the creative design and one of the greatest achievements of Karl Lagerfield (my God!this question is included in my Smart Quiz book!) as Chanel's creative director.

Some of the Great Places I want to visit before I die!

Iguazu Falls (Argentina)
 Who doesn't want to be at Iguazu???With its spectacular environment and breathtaking site, this fantastic gift of nature is my idea of life's greatest adventure. I first saw this natural wonder via "The Mission", a 1986 film based on the daring act of Jesuit missionaries to christianize the Guarani tribes in South America in the 16th century. While watching the gorgeous bodies of Jeremy Irons and Robert De Niro trekked on the rugged cliff, my mind was focused at the picturesque Iguazu!

Alnwick Garden(England)
Considered to be the most beautiful garden in the world, Alnwick Garden is located near Alnwick Castle in Northumbria, England. The garden's rare architectural design and fabulous landscape plus waterfalls, spring flowers and running water,  allure people around the world...and me too...The garden features mass of pink Tulips which inspired me more to travel there because I adored pink Tulips!

Windsor Castle (England)
 The most romantic castle in the world!I want to sit at one of its park benches and imagine life while breathing its soft breeze coming from the river Thames and Windsor Great Park and perhaps stroll endlessly at its fully manicured garden and visit St. George's Chapel nearby.

Mustique Island (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
Well, anyway even just in my dreams I hope to visit this very exclusive and luxury resort in the West Indies. With a whopping $100,000 per week accommodation at one of its posh villas and a very difficult process of traveling (in order to get there, travelers from the Philippines will catch a flight either from England, Canada or in the United States, haha!), desiring a Mustique holiday getaway can be very challenging. What made this island so unique and fabulous?---its reputation.

It is the favorite holiday destination of the late Princess Margaret (sister of Queen Elizabeth II) where she previously owned a villa there, Prince William often holidayed there and fashion icon, Tommy Hilfiger has his own villa at the island. The rich and the famous including royalty, loved Mustique because of the pampered-Kingly accommodation, luxury and privacy the island provides.

Tuscany (Italy)
Along with its extraordinary countryside, romantic surroundings, beautiful coast line and the region's glorious past, long history of arts and sophistication (especially in Florence and Sienna), Tuscany is one region in the world which offers a fantastic taste of grandeur and freedom. But of course Vatican City is one of my primary purpose of coming to Italy. But the travel will not be complete without seeing Tuscany and riding a gondola in Venice (not part of Tuscany anyway, Venice is an Italian city in the region of Lombardy).

For more terrific places to visit my travel blog HERE

After releasing these thoughts in my notebook, my mind right now seems relax and my desire to eat increases too hahaha!



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