Exploiting the death of Diana

I just cannot understand why there are still people who continue to exploit the sudden death of the late Princess of Wales, Diana. For heaven's sake the controversies attached to her death already settled down and those accusations of conspiracy, which trumpeted by the camp of Mohammad Al-Fayed, already proven unfounded and very malicious.

Now here's the new one "Unlawful Killing" which according to the "Hollywood Reporter" website based on the documents presented and funded by Mohammad Al-Fayed, the father of Dodi Al-Fayed who died with Diana in that car crash.

For sure this ridiculous film will feature false stories and other twisted events pointing to malign the British royal family, very inconceivable and very unfair. For sure this will hurt Diana's sons, Prince William and Prince Harry again. These two devoted boys  never deserve such indecent and false documents about the death of their mother. They are both already enjoying their lives and continue honouring the memory of their late mother and presenting a false documentary will revisit the sadness, grief and hurt they felt on the day she was proclaimed dead.

For the past 16 years of my research journey about the intricate lives of the British royals, familiarity is all I know about them so I don't need another trash documentary to ponder hard why she died during that fateful night. It is not interesting to me anymore, I want to remember her as somebody who left an exceptional mark to the world, all I know is that she lived a very wonderful life, full of compassion, kindness, humility, devotion and love to her role as a mother and a member of the British royal family. She deserved to be remembered, she was timeless and no one can ever replaced her. She was unique in every way. Let us remember her remarkable life on earth and not her death, there's nothing we can do about it even if we continue bickering with those silly theories presented by Al-Fayed.

I don't need another false story to be reminded how cruel the royal family to her when she was still alive because the truth is, according to the book "A Royal Duty" by Paul Burrell (Diana's Butler), Diana had a great deal of respect to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, though the latter was badly criticized by the media for treating Diana unfairly, Burrell noted that towards the last year of the Princess's life, Philip and Diana patched up things and Diana called him again as "Dear Papa". With due respect to the Queen, she was never heard uttering bad things about Diana even during the crisis of her marriage to Prince Charles.

Whatever their "wars", it was all over, nobody has the right to judge the royal family and accused them of committing a horrible crime of killing her. 

The final court decision already released that the accusations of the camp of Al-Fayed about the silly "conspiracy theory" is false and unfounded, even if other people still thinking if there was no cover up or what, then let's leave it there, why continue banging our head with such case which we are not even there when it happened? Let's just remember her timeless beauty and how she lived a fantastic life as a fairytale Princess.

And let us move on and let the soul of Diana rest in peace.

For people who will support the documentary, I don't know what to comment.

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