My 60th post

This marks my 60th post here in My Life's Journey blog. So what's the significance with 60th post?hmmm nothing, except that I am always fascinated with the number 60 because it is always the transition period of people's existence:neither young nor old

It's been five days since I celebrated my birthday and I still can't believe I reached this stage without any accomplishment other than chasing the private lives of the European royals. So last night, after taking dinner, I went straight to my room, pulled my little mapping notebook and began flipping on the pages where I wrote the things I need to do. For a while, my eyes glared on each plan and lifted my head wondering if those stuff are realistic or if I am just being unfortunate and luckless.

Then I began another entry, another list and the strategies I should be taking. Until my mind ached with frustrations and disappointment. I am just tired of doing this boring routine, so I pulled the book of Matthew Parker "The Battle of Britain" and continued reading until midnight.
I just love this book. Some of the moving testimonies of the courageous pilots of the Royal Air Force during World War II can be read here

They say, luck sometimes is composed of effort and opportunity. If you exhausted all your effort yet no opportunity happens maybe you need to exert more effort and more and more. I thought the other way around now, luck simply is luck, if you don't have it, then you cannot have it. And the rest is history...

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