If there’s one topic I would love to talk endlessly, it’s ROYALTY

My fascination towards the ROYAL WORLD started during the time I got so mesmerized with the life story of Diana, Princess of Wales. By then she was so famous and dubbed as the most photographed woman in the world, everyone was so enthralled with her beauty, charm and compassion and the media regularly printed articles about her. 

When I started knowing her through books and magazines, I noticed how glamorous yet sad her life was. She was floating under fame, glory, fortune, admiration and beauty, yet she was largely ignored by the person she loved. She was so alone in her beautiful but lonely world and seemed needed someone to comfort her but the world she lived in was so unconcerned and insensitive. I was deeply moved with her sad plight. Eventually, I began reading news related to Royalty and that's where my love affair with European Royals started.
 The late Princess of Wales, Diana. She was the last aristocrat to be married into the British royal family
Now, this fascination grew everyday. 

Well, sometimes I wondered why I became so enthralled with Royalty...hmmm...I thought, maybe because I was born in the age of fairytale, in an environment where peace and harmony reign. 

Practically, I grew up in a farm surrounded by thick vegetation, fantastic waterfalls, rivers, streams, valleys and magnificent beach. It was a quiet life, the serenity of the environment provided me with the best memories. Well, I thought life resembled fairytale, where everything in the surrounding seems perfect and enchanting.

I learned how to read books when I was about four. I loved to hear beautiful stories about fantasy, fairy godmothers and everything about princess and prince charming. I had a cousin who was quite expert in storytelling, so every night before we go to sleep, she would tell me wonderful stories ranging from fairytale to mysteries and because the place were we lived didn’t have any electricity, we just entertained ourselves by inventing stories that could amuse us and that’s where the love of fairytale came in.
 My royal books collection

When I attended grade school, one of my favorite past times was reading literature and historical books and very much delighted if the story was all about the royal families. Then I learned that royal families are mostly located in Europe so when I was in grade four, I dreamed to travel to Europe.

This fascination remained in my heart all through out my childhood and teenage years and when I entered college I began reading books about European royalty most often. I would visit the library everyday spending my vacant hours flipping books and magazines related to the British royal families until I read the lonely story of Diana, the Princess of Wales.
 My royal books collection

I was struck with the great contrast of her life as a public figure, as a loving and protective mother, as a woman trapped in a loveless marriage with a husband whose attention was darted elsewhere. Her life story speaks what fairytale is all about, so I began reading and researching more about her sad plight and great triumph and how she coped up with pressure and tension within the system she fully embraced.

Since then, my attachment to the royal world had progressed and created a different fulfillment in my system. It feels like taking a trip to a different world, to a different life away from this chaotic surrounding I am in, it feels like taking a wonderful and satisfying career no amount of money can compensate. The first real book I read about the British royal family was "The Queen's Husband" authored by Victoria Holt and based on the life of Prince Albert, the Prince Consort, the beloved husband of Queen Victoria.

So now, when I am bored and ready to flare up, I would just pull a book from my royal books collection and re-read the content, it gives me a totally different feeling of relief and satisfaction. It makes me feel so happy and relax. My royalty fascination can be compared to people who have a specific hobby or passion they frequently indulge, being deprive of it, means, life would be totally dark and lonely.

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