Life is Fabulous!

For the past years since adopting the habit of scribbling thoughts and emotions in my journal   (even online), I’d noticed that I often talked about grief, about misery, about my loneliness and pain in life. I seldom write about happiness, blessings and contentment, as if the keyboard won’t cooperate if I would not write something about agony and resentment. Why I became so hostile and ungrateful about my existence? As if God totally abandoned me?

While reading the book about Anne Frank, it came to my senses that I am still very lucky to live in an era where there are no more torment and horrors of wars brought by fascism and insecure people like Hitler, in an era where technologies provide relief of tramping to the library flipping books about history. Though earthquakes and other terrifying calamities hammered other countries, I am living in an environment where natural disasters rarely happen. Thank God!

So now I will begin writing about joy, about how blessed I am to live in a comfortable surroundings with lots of laughter and warmth. How fortunate I am to wake up each morning listening to the soothing music of the wind, witnessing the dancing of the leaves up on the trees, watching the magnificent sunrise spreading its usual magic and charm.

Last Wednesday, March 16, me and my group mates started writing our Marketing Plan for our class presentation, we agreed to meet at Kangaroo along Tiongko. We had a grand time there, talking weird things, sharing silly jokes, laughing in-betweens and eating endlessly. We had so much fun that night.

Yesterday, March 17, I read several articles about the most spectacular castles in Europe for my Castles in Europe blog, it made me smile because it feels like I am traveling back in time to the land of happiness and serenity. For a while, I forgot the danger of experiencing earthquakes and Tsunami and the threat of catching radiation. At 6:00pm I attended my managerial accounting class, though I extremely disliked this subject, there’s a surge of contentment every time I am in our classroom because my classmates never failed to make the evening so lively and crazy.

Today of course is another wonderful day. Though I was hugely annoyed with the inconsiderate behavior of some ill-mannered students in the program, I never took it against the whole universe. Before my irritation flared up, I stood up, breath deeply, glared the throng of rude students and strode away. I went to the faculty room and seated in the long table facing the big Calda pizza, oh my God! I’d never seen such huge pizza in my whole life! Honestly, I am not a pizza lover, I hate it and if it is the last food left in the world, I would rather eat boiled alugbati than bite pizza, oh geeeeez! But this afternoon, pizza appeared like a yummy food, like a mouthwatering blueberry cheesecake or my all time favorite Brazo de Mercedes. So I took one slice,  then another slice again and again, until it felt like my stomach was ready to explode. 

Yeah it was great! No, not the pizza but the feeling of being free from anxieties and animosities. Today is not as bad as yesterday or the other day. I went back to the office with a lighter spirit. Lol! At 6:00 pm I attended my Ignatian Leadership for Managers class, one of my favorite subjects in the graduate school. We had a wonderful session, the seminar-workshop organized by my classmates run smoothly with lots of worthy inputs and sharing given by the group who presented the topic. We had a great dinner too.

Life after all is not composed of misery, sufferings and irritation. There are more into it, more amazing things to discover, more excitement to unfold. Life is not about daily clutters and struggles and grudges, it is more about thrill, enthusiasm and discovery. Life itself is a journey and discovering new things along the way is part of the journey.

Now I don’t want to dwell so much on the sufferings and loneliness, I would like to see life beyond misery and emptiness. 

So I will begin my journey here, treating life as magical and privilege.

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