Nothing gave me so much anxiety these past few weeks than Marketing Myopia.hahaha!

When our professor assigned topics early this semester in my Marketing Management subject, I was tensed when I found out I'll be reporting Marketing Myopia because this is really a hardcore journal paper to be reported in class.

Marketing Myopia is a famous work of Harvard professor, Theodore Levitt, which was first published in the Harvard Business Review in 1960 . It became popular later on because Levitt's propositions were very practical. Eventually the paper revolutionized the concept of marketing management. You could just imagine how many pounds of tension and anxiety hit me at that moment.

Since the journal was a famous work of one of the Harvard professors, my tension grew everyday, finally when January 26 arrived, my nervousness toned down, surprisingly, when I discovered that my classmates did not read the journal, hahaha!

I insisted to my Korean classmate (he will be reporting the chapter highlight and suppose to be ahead of me) that I'll do the reporting first so that my tension will subside, luckily, he agreed and was very understanding, he even allowed me to use his sleek, elegant laptop.haha!

So everything went smoothly...and I had a peaceful sleep that night..:-)

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