People of my Year 2010

So how's everyone? How did you celebrate your New Year? 

I'd a terrific New Year celebration with my family in the province of Surigao del Sur and just felt so blessed and thankful to God that both my parents and siblings are healthy and doing great, making my New Year a very fulfilling one.

So while the rest of the world is still under the exuberant mode of the holiday season, I am thinking of something else to start the year positively. I am not one of those people out there who love the idea of creating a new year's resolution because I don't believe on it, usually the idea of writing something about our attitude, practice and views that should be changed for the upcoming year is purely advertisement and part of the hype among the social set but in reality it doesn't sound so realistic.

While you're creating a list of bad habits to change, another habit is about to begin as the year progresses then the cycle of writing a new year's resolution starts again, so it sounds like a continuous cycle that could never be broken and the disease evolves, so, I have never written a new year's resolution in my life.

What I am trying to do now--and hopefully make it a habit every beginning of the year--- is identify the people who have given me influence and inspiration for the past year I think this is more realistic than writing a resolution and trying to resolve all those bad habits that keep repeating each year.

Once, I've read in Bianca Gonzalez's blog about People of the Year where she listed every person she encountered in her life who made her year extra special, her post is similar to the idea of TIME magazine's Person of the Year where inspiring individual is honored due to the massive influence that person had given to the world in a particular year.

So I got the idea also of creating my own list ^_____^

Here are the people of my year 2010:

Helen Montero

Helen is a great friend and she is always be. She is more like a sister to me. We've been friends for almost a decade and even if she's currently working abroad, the bond of our friendship did not break it becomes stronger everyday.

Kathy Dacanay

Kathy is one of those people in my circle whom I can truly relate without hesitations. We shared the same interest, we're both into blogging and food hopping and if there's really one thing that made our friendship extra stronger everyday, it's our common passion towards blogging and French lesson, She had introduced me also to Davao bloggers community and spent several bonding moments with other bloggers. It is Kathy who inspired me also to love photography.

Juvy Panos

Juvy is one of my closest colleagues in the university and we could agree to almost everything. We would talk endlessly about a certain topic that amuses us or things that irritate us. We go out when times allow and spend dinner somewhere else with Kathy or other close colleagues.

Engr. Reynaldo Deypalubos

Sir Rene had been my boss in the engineering department for six years. He retired from the administration last May 2010 and now part of the full time faculty members of the department. I admired sir Rene's very down-to-earth personality, he has a great sense of humor and a wonderful working attitude. A good leader and a very religious man. He never failed to amaze me especially during stressful period in the office, he stayed cool, calm and relax and his mood never erupted. I never witnessed him got mad. He took things slow and never piled me with unimaginable workload.

There you go friends! The People of My Year 2010. See who would make up my list every year and how their influence would change my life.

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