This is my favorite expression when I want to emphasize something wonderful. So what are the great things I find really GREAT in life?
 Trendy bags I received
GREAT GIFTS (I received):
1. BAGS (I love pink!)
2. Pink Journal (a very wonderful Christmas gift--2007)
     3. Books (I adored books!)
     4. Rosary
     5. Cards (I treasured cards and other form of notes.hehe)
 The pink journal I received last Christmas 2007

I am a big movie buff! Below are the few films I find GREAT:

      1. The Shawshank Redemption (Fantastic plot!)
      2. The Insider (brilliant dialogue and screenplay. Al Pacino is always the best)
      3. Lord of the Rings (all the three installments)
      4. Sense and Sensibility (I am a huge Jane Austen fan)
      5. Forest Gump (very simple, yet fascinating. What I like most about this movie is its amazing musical score, the sound track is great!)
      6. The First Knight (simply because this is a King Arthur-inspired film)
      7. Scream I (I love horror flicks. Scream I is not one of those flash-in-the-pan horror movies, it is intelligently made I should say, thanks to director Wez Craven)
      8. Interview of the Vampire (a classic horror story, oh did I say I love macabre movies?hehe)
      9. The Cutting Edge (This is my all time favorite when it comes to cute movies, the story is...uhmmm..simple cute and giggling)
     10. Down to you (well, speaking of cute and sweet and mushy, this Freddie Prinze Jr and Julia Stiles starrer is simply captivating).

FOODS (I eat):

    1. Yoghurt (plain or with mixture anything will do)
    2. Steamed Broccoli and Asparagus sprinkled with Olive Oil (super healthy, it is often called food for the youth)
    3. Wheat Bread/Brown Rice (simply healthy)
    4. All fruits (hehe)
    5. Black rice with minced provincial garlic-like herbs (this is my super favorite food back in the province)
    6. Crab stuffed with young coconut (this is my father's priceless recipe)
    7. Danggit (hahaha...I love to catch danggit during low tide in our place when I was still a young girl. I lived near along the seashore you know.hehe)
    8. Stewed Buko with malungay and salmon fish (sounds weird? No it's a very healthy recipe my father always cooked this recipe when we were still young)
    9. Baked Squash (This is another healthy stuff. I love it)
    10. Inihaw na Panga (pretty obvious because it is a fish)

DRINKS: well, aside from water, this is what I drink.
 My favorite brand of Green tea

     1. Green tea with honey (everyday)
     2. Fresh Kalamansi Juice (I always prepare squeezed fresh kalamansi four times a week)with honey
     3. Milk (fresh or powder)
     4. Wheatgrass with honey
     5. Fruit or vegetable shakes (when I am dining out)

    1. From Rissa Singson-Kawpeng "Take it from someone who prayed for two decades and concluded it wouldn't happen. But God is so great and so faithful" (Rissa is truly a great inspiration! She is the present Editor-in-Chief of Kerygma magazine. She married at 38 and had a first baby at 39, now at 42 she's going to have another baby! So I should not worry anyway I am far from the age of Rissa when she got married.haha!)
   2. From Bo Sanchez "You will never be completely healed if you don't recognize pain, if you don't acknowledge that you've been hurt!" (Amazing!every time I am sad, I always read Bo's blogs. I've been a Kerygma reader since 1997 when Bo Sanchez was still single.hehehe)
   3. From Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales "Television is bad for children, it robs the natural imaginativeness of a child" (I know I am not a child anymore, but I agree with Prince Charles, television shows make us dull-witted. Good that I was trained since a child to refrain from watching TV. Now, except current affairs and documentary shows, I never watch television. It is extremely boring)
   4. From Diana, Princess of Wales "A woman instinct is always accurate" (she uttered this line during her interview in 1995 with BBC news commentator, Martin Bashir. Well the late Princess of Wales is right. A woman instinct is always accurate)
   5. From Pope John Paul II "It is in suffering that we see and experience the real love of Christ" (every time I suffer, I always remember this line from the late great pope) 
   6. From Jane Fonda "It's never too late to begin, never too late to start with (I agree!So why worry?)
   7. From Stephen Hawking "I just don't care about my disability (I admired his strength and positive disposition, despite his disabilities he still continue doing the things he believed could help change the world, he is a British Physicist and Mathematician, the remaining genius in the mold of Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo Galili)

I love the cool and tranquil environment of the countryside, beach is always fantastic. The dramatic sunset, the wonderful sunrise. Rainbows. Tweets of the birds, these are the things I love.

I dreamed to build a house in a farm, the soft breeze of the mountain and the green surroundings give me peace of mind and serenity. I love pink, I love to smile, I love to giggle, I adored great conversation.

I plan to download songs of Barry Manilow, Billy Ocean, James Ingram, Dan Hill, Robbie Williams and all the sentimental music stuff to put in my laptop and just listen all day while resting. Amidst the busy schedule I am having now, I hope one day I could find time to relax in the beach (not to swim) and just eat and sit there and think about my life. Or have some walk in the countryside, in a small farm or in a mountain resort.

My idea of a perfect date is just walking in a beach or in a tranquil mountain resort and just talk and talk. I adored books!In my room, I am surrounded with books and magazines.
 My royal books collection
My books 
The seaside near our home in the province


I hate pizza, I hate softdrinks, I hate boring people. I don't like parties and I don't want to hang around with people who resort to gossiping, it is utterly ridiculous. I just want to stay at home and read good books and write articles.

Great things in life are free! of try to look around and see these amazing things.

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