My Routine!

Lots of things to accomplish before the year ends and I am running out of time! Still so many tasks to finish! So I have to fix some routine to see things clearly.

This weekend (October 24) I will work on the Financial Analysis of BAYER GROUP for my Financial Accounting subject (our requirement for finals).

Allot 2 hours every night for my FRENCH LANGUAGE LESSONS. I am quite obsessed with this romantic language. I can read few French dialogue but need to master the French grammar's complicated agreement and usage. 

Continue working on two fiction books (historical romance category), I am aiming to finish the 10th chapter of each story before November comes. I am quite attached to one of the books and I could not wait to finish the whole story.

Do polishing and final editing for Quiz Master book to be submitted next week to one literary agency. I am preparing my book proposal right now.

Contemplating some sad romance stories for my short story book,  a collection of heartwarming love stories, so far I wrote four stories filled with bittersweet memories. I want the readers to go deeper with their emotions while reading, I want them to learn something from a failed romance, from heartaches and how to move on without the traces of humiliation and battered self-esteem.

Look for a film outfit which would accept my two scripts intended for screenplay. I have no plan anymore to publish these to local publication (as I originally intended) because I made up my mind to sell these scripts to movie outfit, indi film outfits would be okay for me as long as they will pay me..haha! 

Writing blog entries for my three active blogs: The Royal World, Lifestyle and Travel and Leisure. I totally abandoned Triond because their mode of income is so slim. I am still active in myLot, a forum discussion where you will be paid per post. 

Praying hard my books will be finally published so that I can resign from my work in the University (I am not happy anymore) and concentrate on writing at the same time put up a fashion business. I extremely love writing, it is only in this field that I can find true fulfillment and genuine happiness in life.

I am excited to enroll this second semester for my graduate studies, plan to take these subjects: Managerial Accounting, Human Behavior in Organization and Business Research.

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