The Value of Waiting

Now I am happier than ever, after contemplating my fate and read the beautiful blog of Bo Sanchez about creating a happy relationship, I am now completely relieved. 

I finally stop asking "why I left in one corner unnoticed?", "why boys did not dash towards me?", these are self-defeating questions that ruined my road to emotional growth, so right now I carefully design my life and make it sure nobody will cross my parameter without asking my conscience first. 

The residue of heartaches brought by some humiliating words still dangling in my head but I let the agony passed and started to live my life in a different direction. Now I am contented with my life, no more hassles, no more confusions, no more “what ifs” because everything is clear now.period.

I also stop asking myself “what’s wrong with me?” because I know there’s nothing wrong with me. I let him cross my limitations that’s why everything turned into a wrong road, but now I know how to make things right and build my own boundary.

God is so good all the time, He let me recognized the danger zone before severe damages will inflict my whole system. God showed me the right path, the right direction where I supposed to be traveling. It’s not too late to build new plans again, I have still plenty of time to reconstruct my dreams. I am still capable of doing wonderful things in my life.

I bought Rissa Singson-Kawpeng’s book “Confessions of an Impatient Bride” a week ago and I was amazed with her wonderful story. The book tells a story of a woman's journey in life who couldn’t wait to be a bride, her struggle and sufferings along the way in finding Mr. Right and her realization why the Lord let her wait. 

God has different ways of revealing His great plan to us. He has a purpose why He allowed us to wait and wait. So that when that time arrived, we won’t break in pressure. There are delays but it's because He only makes it sure that His gift is very special.

And now I cannot wait to see that “Gift”

I learned so many things from Rissa Singson-Kawpeng. And my concept of waiting for Mr. Right deliberately changed after reading her story. She met her future husband when she was 36, got married when she was 38 and had a baby at 39 without any complications..and now she is 41 years old, very much young-looking, happy and contented with life.

The wrong concept of child-bearing and getting married and aging will forever made foolish and idiot people picked a bad decision. People who never understand clearly the mystery of life, who never know how to trust God and who never know how to define their real purpose of living, will surely missed out God’s special message.

Oh before I forgot, Bo Sanchez emphasized that in order to have a happy relationship, we must fill our hearts will self-love: Believe in your own worth, care for your needs, relate with the right God and relate with the right people

Now I will have to fill my heart with self-love first, appreciate my mistakes, figure out what things I need to accomplish and look around! Eventually, I stop asking myself with self-defeating questions: Why nobody noticed me? What is wrong with me? Because I know God created me for a specific purpose.

And I know my time has just began. I'll just have to stretch the fiber of my patience.

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